2. hey people talk to me today because i am leaving tonight and getting on a train tomorrow not more internet for me, back to the real world! So if there is anything you want to know u should ask now or forever hold your peace.



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    ozzy knows whats up

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  6. still one of my favorite movies of all time. but i prefer to watch it in privet.

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  7. wow i gained a follower amid my cinderella spam :)


  8. so dreamy. i wish i had a poster of this that i could put on my wall and practice kissing with

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  9. so soft grunge is essentially the name for “looking like molly soda” and “spending too much time on tumblr”?


  10. awwww

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  11. rock god :)

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    Tom, darling ♥

    i used to look like tom keifer when my hair was longer and dark.

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  13. i NEED this


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    Full Moon

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  15. me playing an open mic at Harriet brewery